Do You Want to Create a Million-Dollar Coaching Business?
I've held nothing back from showing you exactly what I've learned from personally coaching 1000s of women and growing a 7-figure coaching business!

What You'll Learn In This Book:

  • ​​​How I Created a $300k/mo Coaching Business and How You Can Make Millions from Just One Offer 🔥
  • Why Creating Low-Ticket Offers for the People who "Can't Afford It" is Working Against You 😵
  • ​​How to Stand Out Online in a Saturated Coaching Marketplace (No Matter Your Niche & Even If You're Starting Today) 📣
  • How Emotional Intelligence and Your Ability to Lead Yourself No Matter How Much Money Is Going In/Out is the Key to Multiplying Your Income 💸
  • ​​Why You Can and SHOULD Start Today If You Haven't Already and How You Could Be Making $100K cash a month in 2024 💰
  • ​How One Simple Funnel Like This Brought Me Dozens of High Ticket Clients (And I'll Show You Exactly How To Do This In the Book) 🚀
  • ​​PLUS so much more!
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This book contains cheat codes for coaches to learn how to crush their competition and scale to 7-figures
The beautiful home I live in…

The office and team members that help me run my business…

The option to work WHEREVER and WHENEVER I want…

The ability to help my parents financially with anything at any time…

The very best doctors for my son…

This is all possible because I have knowledge that people want to learn...

AND they’re willing to pay me good money to teach it to them. 

Today I make a living helping other entrepreneurs do the same.

At this point, I’ve helped thousands of clients flush out the information they’ve acquired over the years…

….and turn it into a consistent, profitable business. 


If you have ever been asked for advice, shown someone how to do something, or have knowledge (no matter how entry level) that someone else would like to learn…

This book will show you how to profit from that knowledge.

If you think that your knowledge is “too niched”...

Or there’s not enough people who want to learn what you know…

I’m going to be blunt with you…

It’s a load of crap. It’s a limiting belief you manifested out of thin air.

It’s exactly what my friend Molly thought when she wanted to teach people how to become a boudoir photographer.

Do you know what a boudoir photographer is?

Neither did I when we first spoke, but it turns out boudoir photography can be much more lucrative than regular wedding photography…

If you were a photographer, isn’t that something you’d like to learn and offer to potential clients?

Well now Molly is a 7 figure earner! (you can read about her on pages 174-180)

But the point is, there are people who want to know what you know.

And the reason they want to learn from YOU is because you’ve done the work for them…

You went through the growing pains and experiences…

You figured out what worked and what didn't…

You have an idea of how you would learn from scratch if you had to start over…

And people will pay money for that.
The coaching market is going to become more and more saturated over the next two to five years. Your opportunity to dominate market share in your niche and industry is NOW. 
There are people capitalizing on the online education model who are making multi-millions per year and millions per month. If you’re still struggling, it’s because you don’t have the proper strategy. This book will teach you how to bring your expertise online and set you up to scale.

Inside of 7-Figure Coach, I will be sharing what makes the 1% of online experts and coaches make succeed and why the overwhelming majority fail.
Here's a Sneak Peek at What You'll Discover Inside My NEW Book '7-Figure Coach'...
SECTION #1: The Model
  • ​How to Make a Million from Just One Offer - I'll show you the exact behind-the-curtain numbers of the top 1% earners in the coaching industry who earn $100,000 or more per month and how you can model their success to avoid overwhelm and exhaustion from selling low ticket products or charging hourly.
  • ​Why 'High-Ticket' Is the Right Ticket - I'll show you how to hack human psychology to increase your value so people WANT to pay you more for your course/services and I'll show 3 criteria your high ticket offer MUST meet in order to demand premium prices.
  • Why People Love You but Don't Buy from You - Tons of followers, engagement and heart emoji's DOESN'T equal sales! Why? In this chapter, I'll reveal the '3 Core Human Concerns' and how to tap into them so you audience loves you AND wants to buy from you. 
  • The 3 S's that Make an Irresistible Offer - If your end result is not clear in your marketing, no one will understand why they should invest with you which means you will self-sabotage your own sales. Discover how to avoid this devastating mistake and how to create an irresistible offer that will SCALE!
  • Create a Great Program that Gets Results for Clients - I'll show you the EXACT steps our students follow to create a world-class program that gets results and lots of testimonials.
  • ​How to Stand Out in a Saturated Coaching Marketplace - The industry may feel saturated, but the amount of money flowing through this space creates demand for you. In this chapter, I'll explain how to differentiate yourself from the saturated coaching market and reframe your thinking to dominate your market.
  • Story Sells - Swipe my personal 6-part framework for selling through your story so you can connect on a DEEPER and more intimate way with your audience, build TRUST and help more people.
SECTION #2: Going to Market
  • ​Are you Tesla or Walmart? - Most coaches undercharge and overdeliver...which means they are burnt-out, exhausted and are usually in a TIGHT cash flow position. In this chapter, you'll learn what TESLA did to rise to the top of their market and how their strategy can help you do the same.
  • ​Develop "Proof of Concept" (Your Beta Offer) - One of the most common mistakes coaches make are thinking they 'validated' their offer by asking their friends, family and social media following if they want to buy it. This is a HUGE mistake. I'll show you how to avoid this mistake, what to do instead and how you can actually GET PAID to test your offer in the market.
  • Social Proof - When’s the last time you looked up a restaurant, bought something on Amazon, or investigated a salon or spa online? Did you check the reviews? Of course you did! Discover how to leverage Social Proof (even if you don't have any testimonials yet) to sell more of your offer.
  • Reigniting Your Love of Sales - "I need to talk to my spouse first" / "Let me think about it and get back to you tomorrow" - UGHH isn't that the worst?? Learn how to avoid these and other common objections by letting me show you my EXACT 'Million Dollar Sales Script' so you can dramatically increase your sales conversion rate in 24 hours.
SECTION #3: Scaling Your Offer
  • ​You Can't Leave Your Business up to how You FEEL - The #1 mistake I see women make in their business is basing decisions on FEELINGS instead of data and systems. While intuition is real and should be followed, without the proper systems in place to safeguard against poor decisions, you likely are your own worst enemy right now. 
  • ​How We Tripled Profits - I'm going to reveal the ONE simple tweak we made to our services that allowed us to TRIPLE our profits and walk you through how to implement this in your own business.
  • The Secret to Scale Is in the Subtraction- If you do more, you'll make more, right? WRONG! Scaling isn't about adding, it's about subtracting and knowing what 80% of your focus should be.
  • 7 Figures and Beyond - Making 7-figures? Great! Now what? I'll show you the challenges I faced as a 7-figure business owner and how I actually had more free time owning a 7-figure business than I did was I was first starting out.
SECTION #4: 7-Figure Heart
  • ​Your Heart is the Driver - Is your nervous system and childhood trauma preventing you from growing and living at your full capacity? When I built a half-million dollar business, I almost burned the whole thing to the ground...In this chapter, I'm going to lay it all out for you and help prevent you from making the same mistakes I did.
  • Slay Self Sabotage - Have you ever thought to yourself, "People will never pay that!" or “I don’t want to sound like a sleazy saleswoman..." If that sounds familiar, chances are you may be suffering from 'The Self- Sabotage Cycle' - While this can be difficult to navigate, the good news is it's not your fault and there IS a cure. In this chapter, I'll go in depth to this vicious cycle and how you can avoid it.
  • People-Pleaser Women Don't Make Millions- Women who struggle with people pleasing tend to be stuck in comparison mode, constantly looking at what other people are doing, etc. Learn how to heal this once and for all so that you can sell and live out your purpose at the highest level.
  • Slay the Haters -  In this chapter, I'll walk you through my own personal journey of navigating the haters that come with the territory and how you can muster up the courage to look your bullies clear in the face and continue moving forward.
  • ​​Decide to Believe - In this chapter, I'm going to give you my 8-step process that will help you SQUASH any limiting beliefs that are keeping you from achieving your full potential. 
  • Intuition or Trauma - Before every expansion in my business and my life, I’ve literally had to “die” to myself and let go before I could move to the next stage. This required a whole beautiful mess of purging, crying, and letting go. In this chapter, you'll discover a new way of thinking that will guide you through tough business decisions you'll face along your journey - both big and small.
  • We Heal in Community - There is a cost to stay where you are right now...whether it's stagnant financial goals or emotional pain. You don't need to battle it alone. I'll share why community is so important and how it can help you HEAL from even the deepest pain.
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What Are Others Saying About The 7-Figure Coach method?
It's Obvious
Tara Mullarkey has a Proven Track Record of Helping Coaches Scale...
Are You Ready To Be The Next Success Story?
Who is Tara Mullarkey and Why Should I read Her Book?
Tara Mullarkey went from being raised by a single mom and eventually quitting the corporate life with no job prospects to building a 7-figure enterprise online.
Back in New York City, Tara underwrote, sold, and managed over $500 million in highly leveraged loans in the corporate finance sector, worked for the largest hedge fund in the world, and also worked for a Fortune 50 company.

After retiring from Wall Street and corporate America and completing her MBA, she traveled the world, visiting India, Thailand, Bali, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Tulum, Nepal, and Morocco. Then she started her own online coaching business.

Tara has sold multiple millions in coaching programs and has worked with a range of 6-figure, 7-figure, and 8-figure clients in 20+ countries, including some of the top experts in their field over the last decade. 

Any woman can discover how to duplicate Tara’s success and turn their coaching skills into a 7-figure business—without working 24/7.
Tara has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo Finance, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and The Huffington Post for her success and leadership in female entrepreneurship. She is also a proud recipient of the Two Comma Club Award.

Tara lives in South Florida, where she enjoys salsa & bachata dancing and Sunday morning worship services.

Send Me Your Address...
I'd like to rush a FREE copy of my brand new book to your doorstep, ASAP!
As mentioned, this book is FREE. I'll cover the cost of the book, all I ask is you cover the cost of shipping and handling and we'll send it to you!
'7-Figure Coach'  is Proven Method that has Helped Hundreds of Women Scale their Coaching Business
How Rose went from no niche and no clients to $32K in revenue with her new high ticket group program!
How Dr. Sarah went from hourly rates to $15K in one month with her high ticket group program!
How Ashli booked $20.4k in revenue with her new high ticket group program for beauty business owners!
How Sariah booked over $48k in just a few months, after not earning more than $13k entire last year!
Beth went from a $297 online course launches (that were failing miserably) to raising her price by 10x and having an automated high ticket funnel bringing leads TO her!!
How Laura went from $50/ session with her health coaching clients to booking over $38K in just a few months with her high ticket group program! 
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